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Elimination of Outrageous Monthly Bills

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Traditional Cable or Satellite TV equals outrageous monthly bills. Hidden fees, complex channel packages, usage surcharges all devised to cost you money. LazerTV gives you access to more TV for less.


But won't I lose my favorite channels? NO!

LazerTV vs Traditional Cable or Satellite

All Everything Programming


What you want to watch, when you want to watch it. Imagine you took the best package your cable company offers and the best package a satellite company offers; combined it with Hulu, NetFlix, Sling, Amazon and YouTubeTV...   All your favorite shows, Hollywood's biggest movies, nearly every game or special event...  from the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, India and across the globe.  At your finger tips and with the click of a remote control.


This sounds too good to be true...

Is All Of This Legal ?

Yes!   Yes!!   Yes !!!


U.S. Copyright Law says you can not download a copy, upload a copy, or redistribute a copy. These devices do NOT enable you to make copies of copyrighted material. You are Streaming It and Streaming is LEGAL. Don't believe us, go to LegalZoom and read about it there.


But, I've tried streaming before and it didn't work

Service & Support after the Sale

The Lazer Club Difference


There is nothing worse then being abandoned after the sale, companies that don't answer the phone, or the person that does lives half a continent away, doesn't know the product, whom can't or won't help you. LazerTV will help you get the most of your device, assist you through local networking issues, provide guidance to finding the best sources. You'll be amazed at the quality and quantity of streams, that's our promise to you.


Lazer Club keeps you up to speed

So How Does This All Work



You need high speed internet service (25+ mbps), a little bit of patience, and a LazerTV device.  These devices connect to your TV via an HDMI cable.  A Smart TV is not necessary.  After a quick 3 minute install, you'll gain access to a nearly endless library of TV Shows, Movies, and Sports; On-Demand or LIVE.  




What Is The Lazer Club?

Warranty & Support You Can Depend On

lifetime warranty


Lazer Club is your after the sale, technical support & service package which includes not only 24/7 technical support, but a bumper-to-bumper warranty of your device, the remote, the power supply, even the HDMI cord. It also includes the Lazer Appy - where application updates are a finger click away and most importantly I.T. Quick Support to resolve issues with your device. PLUS : After 18 months, you can upgrade your device to the newest, fastest, most current LazerTV device for 50% off.


Just $18/mo, Take THAT Cable TV

So What Are My Options ?

Introducing our LazerTV Devices

bullet devicelazertv v3 small

The Bullet is our award winning single source application device, featuring a powerful Amlogic s912 processor, dual band wifi and our lightning fast, super easy to use BoxxTV streaming app.  Just $149

The LazerTV V3 is our ultimate streaming platform featuring the Eight-Core Amlogic 912 processor. The device has 2.4/5.0 dual band WiFi, Bluetooth & LazerTV's exclusive LazerTV app.  Just $299


This Is a No-Brainer, Lets Order


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